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I acknowledge your desire to meet who you truly are beyond this flesh and bone, and I feel honoured to provide you the safe space while you are confidently and unopologetically step into your inner journey including your soul's purpose, and remember the magic that you have always been just by existing.

Remember, the investment you have made on yourself is always worth it. You'll be thankful to yourself for everything you've done to get to know yourself better and let go of anything that is holding you back from this mission. You deserve to live a joyful life. You are allowed to embody the light you already are.

Just say "Yes!" to that inner calling. I'm here to support you while you're exploring and experiencing your own unique journey to your truest self.

Let's do this!


Truth, who am I?

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Hello, soul friend! I'm thrilled to meet you. My name is Gülnur, which means 'holy-lighted rose' in Turkish. I'm basically a soul having a human experience on Earth, just like you. Apart from that, the closest words and identities that may help me with verbally introducing myself can be a humanoid, starseed, heartworker; and from a more labelled and judgemental point of view--an introverted empath, highly-sensitive person, INFJ, and 4/6 Projector. 

I know the struggle of the human journey both as a non-awakened and awakened introverted HSP and lightworker. From my perspective, both phases have their own challenges, and it’s definitely not easy to endure this alone. In my own journey, basically most of my childhood and teenage years were spent in confusion with existential crisis, inner conflicts, a deep sense of longing, homesickness, not fitting in to this world but still trying to find a place for myself, experiencing disappointment and failure again and again in all areas of my life, having constant breakdowns… As a result of these, my spiritual awakening hit in 2021; right after the tower moments starting with a sudden (but very prolonged) ending of a long-term karmic relationship, continuing with redirections on my career path, having feminine physical imbalances/illnesses as a result of my mind-body-soul dissonance, and dealing with constant family health issues in my living environment (which are still ongoing in my external reality). I can’t count the amount of healing work and shadow work I’ve done, and the dark nights of the soul I endured before and after my awakening. For a long while, nothing seemed to change in my external reality. Because I forgot that I was still human. Deep down I was still afraid. Deep down, there were still layers to be healed as I'm still (and always will be) connected to the human psyche and collective unconscious. For many times I second-guessed my soul's path and I thought there was something wrong with me. I was doing everything to heal the pain. But just at that time when it was being silent; another wave was hitting the next day and I was finding myself overwhelmed by the depth of this trauma of self-rejection. It was killing me to not fully heal this wound. None of those popular self-love and self-worth practices and teachings seemed to soothe the pain I was feeling to my bones. It was hard to face this but; a moment came and I realized I actually wasn’t fully trusting God and myself, though I've been always a faithful and dedicated believer. Along the way, with ups and downs, breakdowns and breakthroughs, it took a while to realize how much everything I experienced softened and strengthened me at the same time. I wanted to find strength in kindness and love, and I did. But it was a slow process for this wisdom to rewrite my destiny. After a while, I started to feel everything inside of me slowly but surely changing as a new foundation was just about to be built beyond my current external vision. That’s why it was taking longer, as the old and multi-layered solid structures were collapsing and a new foundation was being constructed. At some point, I finally came to a point where nothing was left of me but God. I always felt homesick because of not finding his love on this Earth and forgetting how to reach that through me, on this Earth. I left all desires except being led by His Love on Earth through my human journey, in every area of my life, without being a hermit anymore. Though it seems like a distant dream to become tangible, I believed. I believe. And that became the only goal my Heart has been looking for to manifest. And I’m on the road. I keep walking dedicatedly. So each and every moment in darkness eventually led me to deeper layers of truth, boundless faith in God, a glimpse of hope eternally resides in the House of Divine Love, and awareness of divine order, a place where everything transforms but never begins or ends. These realizations, embracing the depth of my soul—that made me feel terrified sometimes—actually led me to my actual Dharma. And I faced this: Discovering our Dharma and integrating it into our human lives with the purpose of overall embodiment is a never-ending but ever-expanding journey. Your Dharma is your whole existence; not just your career, not just your verbally explained mission, not just your gifts and abilities. There’s no destination. There’s no promise of external manifestations holding answers to questions like “what,” “when,” “where,” who," “how.” One thing remains: The more our consciousness expands, the more we are able to connect the dots in our lives (both with those areas related to this lifetime and other parallel lives) to see clearly where we’ve been sabotaging our highest potential and connection with our Hearts and the Divine Love, for the sake of not being excluded from current distorted reality and outdated social structures and norms. Because we don’t love ourselves like God loves us. We don’t value ourselves like God values us. Deny it or accept it. And that’s not our fault. That’s why we need extra gentleness and compassion while keep healing inside. And actually, this is necessary for our collective evolution as well as creating a life tastes like Heaven that we truly deserve. We can change false narratives of “self-love” and “self-worth” by taking our individual parts to keep transforming this wound into wisdom within ourselves. We choose to be Human, to live this lifetime as a Human, even though we may be awakened and seeing many things clearly from higher perspectives. And this means, in each and every step of this journey called life, our capacity to anchor a higher frequency comes both with the responsibility of being more conscious creators as well as the healers/alchemists of deeper layers of human consciousness. As a result of this, both separation and interconnectedness, love and fear, joy and pain, healing and evolving are still revealing themselves in a dual manner in our human consciousness for shedding the skins of a thousand lifetimes, crushing the walls of millenniums of conditionings to create something remarkable and true. And the more sensitive we become to pain, the more we are allowing ourselves to be humble and gentle to embody God’s consciousness. We become stronger and softer. His countless and boundless reflections appear not only through the vastness of the Universe or the wisdom of Life we witness on Earth but also through the cracks and distortions of dual and limited perception of human comprehension that veils our Hearts, not merely as setbacks but subtle protections and a grounding call for staying humble and faithful. Because despite the universal truths and illusion of this realm, our human essence is what holds the innate power of humbly connecting us with each other and God. I believe accepting our flaws, scars, and fragility is a sacred initiation for Divine Love to enter our Hearts and wash away anything that doesn’t honor God’s love, even though it means losing everything for our shadow part of human ego. And this may be painful to face; but at least this was what led my Heart to the path of eternal freedom of my Soul in my journey. And I know, this is just the beginning.

As we are born in this world which is mostly programmed on materiality, shallow perspectives of intelligence, false definitions, and narratives of such divine concepts like love, joy, passion, lust, trust, safety, exploration, strength, power, respect, abundance, freedom etc., you can feel how our innate inner gifts are needed more than ever to be recognized, owned by our own selves, and shared with each other. And with that calling to be of service to both my soul and humanity to heal and evolve; in years I’ve been trained in multiple energy healing/alchemy modalities as well as Dharma (Soul Purpose) Coaching, to be a safe space while you are rebirthing yourself again and again, and start flying. I’m here to remind you the love you already have with all that you are not only with your soul but with your humanness—to rediscover yourself, meet your Heart, and let it gently hold you to embrace your Dharma as an infinite being. In order to support this enormous transformation that your soul is ready to have, I’d be honored to serve as a conduit between your beautiful soul and the eternal life force, with any of these quantum/multidimensional energy healing modalities (Usui Reiki, Sekhem Reiki, Inner Speak, Compassion Key and Access Consciousness tools) if you are called to experience any of them. Remember, you are the door. And you are the key. But you are not what is behind that door. And you are an infinite soul doing your best to nagivate this complex path called human life. It's tough, but so are your brave heart.

Namaste... I honour the love within you.

1:1 Dharma (Soul Purpose) & Spiritual Life Coaching Session & Packages


The Hero's Journey

-1 Session- I will support you to take the first step of your self-discovery journey to meet your higher self.


The Magician's Journey

-4 Sessions- I will encourage you through your self-discovery journey to reach your highest self. 


The Alchemist's Journey

-8 Sessions- I will guide you through your self-discovery journey to embody your highest self.

1:1 Multidimensional Energy Alchemy Session & Packages

Inner Speak™

This holistic spiritual healing/energy alchemy method is developed by the psychologist, energy healer and trainer Jean Adrienne Miller through divine inspiration. It helps to consult the guidance of our Inner Self (or Higher Self) when each of us recognizes the blockages that keep us stuck in some area of ​​our life and prevent us from reaching our core power, which can only be evident at the current vibrational level of the state of full surrender. There is a written protocol consisting of a total of 144 files. From these files, the blockages that affect us at the time period and vibration level we are in and which we need to see, balance through acceptance and honor are detected (by the practitioner) during the session by using spiritual kinesiology (muscle testing.)

Sekhem Reiki

Sekhem is an adaptation of a wisdom system taught in temples in early Egyptian times. At that time, the word "Sekhem" was a method of connecting to higher consciousness, not direct healing. Sekhem was meant for the afterlife in ancient Egypt for the soul to pass to the other side free of the energy field. In time, it meant clearing the energy field, getting rid of the burdens while living. This technique was transferred to ancient Egypt with the wisdom of Atlantean priests. This system is also the basis of the Reiki and Chakra systems. What makes Sekhem different than other energy healing modalities is that it can work up to 12 energetic layers of being, it includes different layers of auric fields as well as other dimensions beyond time and space.

Compassion Key®

The Compassion Key® is a simple yet powerful system for healing the inner child and clearing karmic imprints and distortions, especially for lightworkers, starseeds, highly sensitive people, empaths, energy healers. It is developed by Edward Mannix. People who work with The Compassion Key often report miracles in their financial life, relationships and health, as well as greater purpose alignment and feelings of lightness, relief and a "coming home" to their true self. The technique centers around specific applications of self-directed compassion, the key to healing and integrating wounded aspects of ourselves and simultaneously clearing the karma that is blocking our souls pure light from shining through into form in every part of our life.

Violet Flame

The Violet Flame is the etheric fire energy (associated with Holy Amethyst, Zadkiel and Saint Germain) that works within the auric field and etheric realms to purify the soul from karmic distortions and elevate the ascension process to actualize the dharma timeline.
Rooted in the spiritual teachings of many religions, fire symbolizes divine presence and transformation.
For those who appreciate a scientific perspective: Violet light has the shortest wavelength and highest frequency in the visible spectrum, translating to the highest energy. This high energy frequency enables the Violet Flame to enact change at the atomic level, effectively dislodging negative energy and density within us. When invoked, the Violet Flame establishes a dynamic interaction between the physical and spiritual realms. This oscillation dislodges dense substances, purifying and restoring your energy to its natural, harmonious state. As a result, your overall vibration and energy levels are elevated for wholeness within.
During the session, I hold space and guide you with compassion, with the purpose of reminding the sovereignity of your soul.


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