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Anima & Animus: Understanding Dark God & Goddess Archetypes for Dual Divine Union

The journey of divine reunion extends beyond the realms of Sophia and Christ consciousness, embracing the vast spectrum of archetypes that have graced the stage of myth and history. As we carry shadows of both masculine and feminine polarities in our psyche; many reflections of these dual energies reveal themselves through dark god & goddess archetypes such as Hades, Dionysus, Pluto, Prometheus, Lilith, Persephone, Kali, Sekhmet, Medusa, Shahmaran, Inanna etc.

These symbols, rather than serving “evil”, carry a deeper wisdom for us to confront the shadows within and integrate the untamed aspects of our being when we consciously and non-judgementally intend to innerstand them.

In Jungian psychology, Anima and Animus are archetypal concepts representing the unconscious feminine aspects within the male psyche (Animus) and the unconscious masculine aspects within the female psyche (Anima). These concepts play a crucial role in Jung’s theory of individuation-the process of becoming one’s true and whole self.

The Anima represents the feminine qualities embedded in the male unconscious. It acts as a bridge to the unconscious and is a mediator between the ego (conscious mind) and the deeper, collective aspects of the psyche. And the animus represents the masculine qualities inherent in the female unconscious.

Anima and Animus embody aspects of the unconscious, including the shadow. Dark god &e goddess archetypes can represent the shadow aspects that need acknowledgment and integration on the path of inner divine union.

The journey with dark archetypes invites us to transcend the binary notions of good and evil, encouraging a deeper exploration of the interconnected dance between light and shadow. For instance; we can receive Lilith and Lucifer’s symbolism as a calling for us to go beyond the illusionary seperation and descension on Earth not with a passive acknowledgement, but with an active rebellious desire for ascending again.

Prometheus, the Titan who defied the gods to bring fire to humanity, actually grant us the primal life force that ignites the spark needed for dharmic pathway to walk on Earth. His rebellious nature challenges the established order, inviting us to question and seek higher truths within ourselves beyond what we’ve been taught or offered.

As a united force, Sekhmet and Ptah’s divine union mirrors the eternal interplay of creation in the most glorious way. Sekhmet’s ferocity brings forth necessary upheaval, clearing the path for Ptah’s stabilizing influence to rebuild and create anew. Together, they exemplify the dual nature of cosmic forces, guiding the cyclical journey of transformation and creation.

As we navigate the complex dance of anima and animus, the integration of both light and shadow becomes the key to empowerment. Rather than becoming victims of duality, we are called to learn, grow, and transcend, harmonizing the dual forces within. The divine reunion is not a linear path but a cosmic dance where each archetype, whether dark or light, plays a crucial role. It is through embracing both the shadowy depths and the radiant heights of our existence that we attain a state of profound balance, mirroring the cosmic order inherent in all of creation.

I honour the divine love within you. ❤️‍🔥


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