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Harmony of Oneness: Cosmic Union Through the 111 Portal and Esoteric Symbols: و & ا

A grand cosmic portal is revealing itself with multiple reflections from religious, spiritual, esoteric astrological and numerological perspectives! Spiritually recognized as “111" portal meets New Moon in Capcicorn where stars aligned and opened the gateways to our highest timeline.

With this deeper understanding, there’s no coincidence that the three holy months in Islamic tradition (Rajab, Shaban, and Ramadan) has also just started with this portal where another sacred night known as Laylat al-Raghaib (the night of divine conception of Muhammad) is blessed with prayers.

In this cosmic portal, Laylat al-Raghaib emerges as a profound note, a night of wishes and prayer in Islamic practice. Classed as one of the five blessed Kandil nights in Turkish tradition, its observance varies among Muslims worldwide.

However, it finds a special place among those influenced by Sufism, particularly in Turkey and Muslim Balkan communities. The night becomes a canvas for spiritual aspirations, a moment where seekers engage in heartfelt prayers and wishes, aligning their intentions with the cosmic energies of the 111 Portal.

In the tapestry of today’s energetic portal, the symbols of “Elif” and “Vav” emerge as profound keys share their inner meanings and guide lightworkers through the reconstruction of cosmic order on Earth. As the 111 Portal unfolds, the energetic resonance of these symbols encourages us to stand tall in our spiritual convictions, to trust the cosmic flow of existence, and to recognize the divine unity that threads through ail aspects of life. In this portal, Elif and Vav become cosmic companions that invite us to navigate our dharmic pathways with a spirit of trust, unity, and unwavering resolve.

Now, let’s unravel the profound symbolism of the letter “Vav” (و). The letter itself means “oath” and it represents the embodiment of infinite trust and dedication to one’s dharmic path of the human incarnation. Likened to the posture of a fetus in the mother’s womb, Vav actually symbolizes the cosmic womb. It reminds us the truth of being held and taken care of by the divine as children of the universe. All existence curls up like “Vav” in the womb of the universe. But this state must leave its place to the embodiment of “Elif” (ا) when enter to this Earth, and it reminds us the divine mission coming with human incarnation: Standing upright and standing against injustice, oppression, and wrong with the help of love and strength coming from soul’s eternal connection and union with God/Source/Universe.

Now, check this out: the repetition of “1" three times in the 111 Portal isn’t just a number game. It’s an esoteric reflection of the divine trinity, a sacred repetition that echoes the principles of Tawhid in Islamic mysticismthe oneness of God. Reflecting on the broader spiritual landscape, we find echoes of this trinity in Hermes Trismegistus (The Thrice-Greatest Sage), the Holy Trinity of Christianity, the Triad of Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva in Hindu cosmology, and so much more.

Regardless of externally diverse paths, we share a common cosmic heritage, a universal dance that invites us to stand tall, trust in the divine flow, and recognize the oneness that unites us all. In this realization, we find the essence of our shared journey and the harmonious unity consciousness living within each soul, echoing through the symphony of the 111 Portal.

And before we let this sink in, check this song and the beautiful hidden meaning behind the words:

Fire, earth, air was created

Rain was created, and gave you life

Your heart, your soul was created

Your mind was created, to guide you

In this one-time quest called life

Tell me more about your story

What did you make of it?

What’s in your heart?

Don’t be afraid of anything

Neither death nor life

All you have seen in this life

They’re all one, they’re all from God

It was all revealed to your descendants

They wrote books to teach you

But Imams and priests misguided you

They lied and misled you

In our current world

They’re all the same, all are perfectly fine

Jesus, Moses, Muhammad and Buddha

Had known what you have all deep within

The humankind search for themselves

The earth revolves slowly

If you were to die today

You’ve got unfinished business.

I believe these lyrics from this song “One” by Pentagram (a Turkish metal band) is a great musical interpretation of the current energies! We’re on a crazy ride and in constant motion of winds of change. Be gentle with yourself through these grand transformations. And simply say your prayers to your soul to gently receive the messages and guidance for the highest good of yours and all to fully embody your truest self on your sacred mission.

I honour the divine love within you. 🤍


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