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Kaleidoscopic Multiplicity in an Overall Wholeness: Mission on Expansion Through Unconditional Love

We are not just “one” as the essence of God, but a kaleidoscope of a million pieces where each piece becomes a reflection of different shades of this infinite colour through our stored existential experiences. These pieces sometimes reveal themselves with multifaceted emotions or sensations that reside in the deepest recesses of our hearts, not just subconscious. And each and every piece craves to be whether recognized and owned, or be unleashed and reborn.

On the journey of reintegration, the soul retrieval process born from acknowledging our shattered pieces may reflect another profound side of the truth: The call to create anew. Rather than striving to fit the fragments into a familiar puzzle, we realize that these separated pieces might be destined for fresh creations, unveiling the potential for something entirely novel.

While we intimately sense God’s inherent wholeness, step by step, we recognize the unity consciousness from the bottom of our hearts expanding to the vastness of the cosmos. Though it becomes clear that our individualized remembering and approval seem totally unnecessary in the face of that magnificent beauty and wisdom. As we bask in the experience of this inner wholeness, we face that fact that it doesn’t last forever as nothing is permenant, neither sorrow or joy. And as we’re oscillitating in between two polarities of existence, the ongoing journey invites us to not only seek reintegration with oneness, but also to become humble vessels for the birth of new and magnificent creations from the fragments we may deny or don’t find “glorious” enough to reflect God’s perfect order.

Therefore, we subconsciously or consciously, intentionally or unintentionally neglect or shame our shadows from time to time. Because we don’t assume our shadows and “ugly” parts that we hide from everyone else, or even from ourselves, as “godly” aspects. And the more they become neglected, unwanted; the more we keep hurting, the more we become resistant to smoothly sustain the greatness of creation as it is. And we forget the fact that God accepts and loves us unconditionally, with everything we are. So, we face the fact that the only thing that’s been preventing us from sincerely loving ourselves with our vast nature including not only “divine” qualities but also with shatters and shadows has been nothing but ego itself.

These novel creations, emerging from the shattered fragments of our being, may initially feel unfamiliar because they are seeds planted in the fertile soil of our consciousness. Yet, the growth of these seeds is a process we cannot rush; we cannot force the unfolding of the unknown. Instead, our role becomes that of gardeners tending to the soil. Our consciousness serves as the nurturing ground for these nascent experiences, and though we cannot accelerate their growth, we have the power to cultivate an environment conducive to their development.

This involves maintaining our inner soil — keeping it clean, fresh, and fertile. We tend to it by conscientiously clearing the weeds of limiting beliefs and negative patterns, ensuring that our consciousness is receptive to the nourishment it needs. As we engage in this mindful care, we allow the seeds of unfamiliar creations to take root and flourish at their own pace. Through patience and conscious nourishment, we become stewards of a garden where the extraordinary blossoms from the fragments, revealing the beauty of the divine dance between our unique essence and the ever-expanding universe.

I honour the divine love within you. 🤍


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