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Sufi’s Path: Lightworkers’ Common Dharmic Mission & Life Purpose on Earth

The term “Suf,” etymologically holds a dual significance. It has its roots in Arabic word “suf” (صوف) meaning wool, and symbolizes detachment from material pursuits and returning to humbleness of simplicity. That’s why, it’s reasonable to find another root in the Arabic word safa (صفاء), meaning “purity”. In my opinion, it also highly resonates with the Greek word “sofia,” meaning wisdom or knowledge. This dual etymology encapsulates the essence of the Suf path — a harmonious integration of love and knowledge.

The main purpose of Sufi path resides in the eternal love of the voyager of this journey. It transcends illusionary 3D based perspectives, and becomes an intense yearning for divine union on Earth. The Sufi poet Rumi paints this love as a cosmic force, a journey where the heart’s fervent passion becomes a guiding light. This love is mirrored in the seeker’s relentless pursuit of knowledge, not confined to the intellect but reaching into the mystical realms of existence.

The Sufi’s journey can be described as a pilgrimage of the soul where love and knowledge entwine. Love becomes the fuel that propels the voyager forward, while knowledge infused with wisdom provides the lantern guiding through the mysteries of existence.

As the soul traverses this path, the threads of love and knowledge unfolds its richness within each and every moment of this endless journey. It is actually a dharmic roadmap that acknowledges the voyager’s dual nature in humanness-heart aflame with love, mind thirsting for wisdom. The symbiosis of these elements defines the dharmic approach of Sufism, where the pursuit of knowledge becomes an act of devotion, and love is the foundation upon which wisdom is built.

In the sacred journey of Sufi, the actual dharmic path starts after reaching divine union by heart. Awakened soul reaching beyond the 3D misconceptions of love, wealth and power; feels thirst for collective expansion. So in today’s state of consciousness, those precious sparkles of wisdom are not meant to exist solely in ethereal realms anymore.

As it’s soul’s choice/freewill to be on Earth after reaching this awakened state, there’s a dharmic mission echoing as a higher calling beyond personal interest.

It is not only about the seeking of reunion in between God/Source/Universe and soul anymore. Now, it is a collective calling of love that yearns to be grounded in the earthly realm for peace and unity.

Grounding the divine union involves extending love experienced in the mystic realms to the earthly community. Acts of kindness, compassion, and service become the tangible manifestations of the love cultivated on the Sufi’s path. The Sufi, having drunk from the cup of divine love, becomes a source of love and support for those in need for companion and guidance.

However, this service shouldn’t be considered as a charity work. Since christ consciousness carries its shadows within us as lightworkers, we feel wounded as individuals as walking this path in human bodies while being subject to live our 3D lives. It is a birthright to receive the exchange of the energy given, which is “money” or any kind of material exchange in terms of occupational dharma. However, many lightworkers struggle with societal programmings and definitions and ways of abundance.

I honour the divine love within you. ❤️‍🔥


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