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Inner Speak

Jean Adrienne's Spiritual Healing System

  • 45 min
  • $88 ABD doları
  • Google Meet

Service Description

This holistic spiritual healing/energy alchemy method is developed by the psychologist, energy healer and trainer Jean Adrienne Miller through divine inspiration. It helps to consult the guidance of our Inner Self (or Higher Self) when each of us recognizes the blockages that keep us stuck in some area of ​​our life and prevent us from reaching our core power, which can only be evident at the current vibrational level of the state of full surrender. There is a written protocol consisting of a total of 144 files. From these files, the blockages that affect us at the time period and vibration level we are in and which we need to see, balance through acceptance and honor are detected (by the practitioner) during the session by using spiritual kinesiology (muscle testing.)

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