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Beyond Flying Whales: Navigating An Esoteric Cosmic Odyssey with Sirius, Osiris & Isis

Water, as a symbol of fluidity and transformation, resonates strongly with the enigmatic tales of Lemuria and Atlantis. These ancient lands are often envisioned as submerged realms, embracing the ebb and flow of cosmic energies. The rhythmic dance of the tides becomes a metaphor for the cyclical nature of existence and spiritual evolution. In the lore of Lemuria and Atlantis, water is not merely a physical element but a metaphysical force connecting these civilizations to the cosmic seas of consciousness. It reflects the fluidity of esoteric knowledge and the ever-changing currents of spiritual understanding. Therefore, these narratives are usually not seperated from Sirius and its mythological reflection of Osiris and Isis.

Revered in ancient Egyptian mythology, Sirius is the brightest star in the constellation Canis Major, often linked to the goddess Isis and the afterlife. Its heliacal rising marked the onset of the annual flooding of the Nile, symbolizing renewal and fertility in the ancient Egyptian culture. Moreover, the relationship between Sirius, Osiris, and Isis became a powerful narrative in Egyptian mythology. Osiris, associated with the underworld and the afterlife, was believed to be reborn through the magical properties of Sirius. The star’s appearance each year was seen as a celestial representation of Osiris’ resurrection, aligning with the cyclical patterns observed in nature.

Some esoteric perspectives propose that the influence of Sirius on Atlantis goes beyond the physical realm, suggesting a connection to extraterrestrial or higher-dimensional forces. The cosmic vibrations from Sirius are thought to have played a role in shaping the spiritual evolution and advanced capabilities of the Atlantean civilization. Imagine the Atlanteans as cosmic navigators, charting their course not only through the earthly waters but also guided by the celestial currents of Sirius. The star, with its esoteric significance, may have served as a conduit for the transmission of ancient wisdom, infusing the Atlantean society with a heightened awareness of the cosmic order.

In new age spirituality and 5D based philosophical perspectives, Sirius is regarded as a spiritual or cosmic hub, transmitting higher frequencies of light and higher consciousness to this realm, using the bridge between water and ether with the help of ultrasonic and infrasonic technologies, frequencies’ journey through sound. Therefore, water beings like dolphins and whales are highly associated with Sirian energy as they naturally carry and spread the wisdom of frequencies through water.

Much like how water adapts to its surroundings, our intuitive channels tied to our individualized consciousness guides us to the depths of deeper states of consciousness which allows us to attune to the vibrational frequencies of both ancient and multidimensional rememberings, and it enables a profound understanding that goes beyond rational comprehension. It’s a journey into the uncharted depths where the waters of blurred lines of our intellect intertwine with the cosmic dance of infinite wisdom of collective consciousness & subconsciousness.

I honour the divine love within you. 🤍


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