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Blossoming from The Ashes: Unveiling the Esoteric Symbolism of “Rose” and “Rise” of Soul’s Alchemical Journey

“If you have turned to ashes, wait to turn to roses again. And remember not how many times you turned to ashes in the past, but how many times you rose from the ashes and became a new rose.”

In the journey of life, Rumi’s profound words echo like a gentle whisper of hope: “If you have turned to ashes, wait to turn to roses again.” This poetic dance between ash and rose encapsulates the essence of resilience and rebirth. To fully appreciate the beauty of this transformation, let’s delve into the etymology of the words “rose” and “rise” to honour the message of this precious saying.

The intertwining of “rose” and “rise” extends beyond mere phonetics; it mirrors a profound connection in their meanings. “Rose” embodies the bloom of beauty, a symbol of love and transformation, while “rise” encapsulates the act of ascending, of overcoming adversity. Together, they paint a vivid picture of the cyclical nature of life – ashes paving the way for the emergence of something exquisite.

In the original Turkish quote, the linguistic harmony deepens the metaphor. “Kül,” meaning “ash,” is not merely the remnants of what once was; etymologically, it signifes “wholeness.” This speaks to the completeness found within the ashes, a precursor to the rebirth. On the other hand, “gül,” meaning rose, goes beyona a mere flower. It resonates with the highest frequency, encapsulating the essence of purity and divine love.

So, when you find yourself in the embrace of ashes, remember not the tally of past descents but the countless times you rose, becoming a new rose each time. Embrace the symphony of “kül” and “gül,” where the journey from ashes to roses becomes a testament to the profound interconnectedness of life’s cycles.

I honour the divine love within you. ❤️‍🔥


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