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Blossoming Soul: The Spiritual Symbolism of the Rose in The Little Prince

The Little Prince stands as a beloved classic, capturing hearts worldwide with its enchanting tale. However, beyond its popularity lies a deeper intention-an invitation to explore the journey of self-discovery and soul’s evolution. This timeless narrative, written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, is not just a story; it’s a cosmic exploration of the human soul, guiding us through realms of consciousness, shadows, and the inner wedding of divine union.

As we navigate the human incarnation, experiencing diverse dimensions and dedicatedly recalibrating the states of consciousness, the guiding light of Akh accompanies us. In the embrace of heart-centered living, this compassionate wisdom, familiar with the challenges of existence, understands the poignant feeling of cosmic homesickness. However, as the spiritual evolution/multidimensional existence itself is not hierarchical or vertical, we remain aware of our shadows and vulnerabilities.

And despite the awakened way of being and living; the journey still may lead to temporary amnesia — moments of confusion, pain, loneliness, and the illusion of separation. Therefore, Little Prince’s rose becomes the poignant symbol of divine union with God. His desire to safeguard it reflects the spiritual yearning to nurture this sacred connection.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that the narrative unfolds a profound symbolism embodied by the sheep, the rose, and the thorns. Because of the eternal longing for home, Little Prince holds onto the naive possession and attachment to his rose — the way he is connected to the God/ Source/Universe — so much that he’s worried about the possibility of his rose being eaten by the sheep with its thorns.

The sheep here actually symbolizes the innocence and purity coming with healing and transformation. And in our fervent care for the rose, a realization dawns: Though letting go of control/surrendering is scary at the first glance, nothing can ever destroy the rose, our way home to God; but serves in the best possible way to cleanse the thorns, which represent shadows within. Yet, until we allow this transformative process, we endure the conflict within.

And another breakdown rises when Little Prince witnesses the multiplicity of roses on Earth. He grapples with confusion and the ego-driven trap of feeling “ordinary”, as forgetting that authenticity is hidden in multiplicity of unity. Also, facing the fact that the enchanting beauty of roses/divine connections are dismissed and taken for granted in this earthly realm ends up breaking his heart as well.

With the spiritual and symbolic message behind this story, we’re reminded that we are all connected to God/Source/Universe in the most glorious way, if we let it be. A bond that exceeds the external efforts, be reached only through the inner flames of our hearts, to embrace uniqueness within this grand wholeness.

We are undeniably and beautifully authentic, revealing multiple shades of one infinite colour. When we own this, we come home to divine union within ourselves, to our divine counterparts, to our soul tribe, and the entire tapestry of existence itself.

Afterall, the only thing that matters is letting our hearts resonate with the eternal frequency of divine love.

I honour the divine love within you. ❤️‍🔥


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