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Love Exists: A Never-Ending But Ever Expanding Mystery

Love, a universal force as ancient as existence itself, transcends the boundaries of human perception. Throughout the history, maybe even before the beginning of the “time”, the humanly efforts to define love has been remained as an unanswered question.

Philosophers, poets, writers, artists, musicians, religious figures, leaders, scientists, psychologists, spiritualists-across eras and continents-have shared their perspectives on this timeless mystery. Their collective voices echo through the ages, serve a compass that reverberates in the hearts of those seeking to unravel the profound mysteries of it. However, no specific answer has been found or revealed to fully express or explain this frequency.

When scientific aspects takes the stage, our brains and bodies are put under the scope as they respond to this enchanting force with chemical reactions on physical 3D realm. As a result, neurotransmitters, hormons like dopamine and oxytocin take place as revealed and explained. Yet, beyond these chemical process, love transcends into a realm that defies intellectualization and biology-a profound and transcendental force.

When the field of psychology becomes our guide through the various forms and expressions of love, we dive into the deep waters our subconscious shaped by attachment styles and behavioral nuances borrowed from our parents/ caregivers, ancestors, in the first environment where we were born and raised. Psychology offers us a roadmap to heal emotional wounds and clear the miscomprehended definitions of love to reshape our connection with this cosmic force. However, despite these valuable insights, love still remains a mystery-a tapestry woven with the intricate threads of the heart.

When we shift our focus to the realm where both science and ancient spirituality intertwine, Dr. Joe Dispenza and the HeartMath Institute unravel the intelligence of the heart. With this perspective, heart is honoured as the center of love, just like many ancient esoteric teachings stand for (for example, in Ancient Egyptian energy system, this magnetic field is recognized as “Ab”, or popularly known as heart chakra). Therefore, love transcends the superficiality as it has been considered as a result of a neural/chemical reaction of our brains. By this consciousness shift, the heart becomes a cosmic bridge linking our physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions to the very essence of cosmic and divine love.

On the other hand, we’re remembering another perspective of love coming from the cosmic waters of our collective consciousness: Transcendent love. This heart-centered, 5th-dimensional conception of love invites us to explore a realm where love is not bound by circumstances, expectations, or the ephemerality of human experience. It is an expansive force that transcends the confines of our understandins, urging us to embrace a love that exists as a constant, unwavering presence in the vast collective ocean of existence.

While we carefully acknowledge the seperated perspectives of a shared reality, each field contributes a unique hue to the vast spectrum of love’s expression, highlighting its multidimensional nature and unveiling the depth of its cosmic significance.

Love can be neither intellectualized nor taken for granted only as a matter of a chemical reaction. It is a sacred tool for expanding consciousness, a force that demands our awe, respect, and a willingness to explore its vast mysteries with open hearts.

As a summary; a brilliant cosmic story turned into a screenplay known as “Interstellar” (2014, by Christopher Nolan) emphasizes this mystery in a glorious way:

"Love isn’t something that we invented. It’s observable. Powerful. It has to mean something. Maybe it means something more, something we can’t yet understand. Maybe it’s some evidence, some artifact of a higher dimension that we can’t consciously perceive. Love is the one thing that we’re capable of perceiving that transcends dimensions of time and space."

I honour the divine love within you. 🤍


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