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Seraphim State: Union of Sophia & Christ Consciousness — Hidden Symbolism of Rose and Colours (White, Red and Pink)

Christ consciousness is a state of awareness that transcends the individual self and aligns with the universal and divine. Rooted in the teachings attributed to Jesus Christ, this consciousness embodies unconditional love, compassion, and a profound sense of interconnectedness. It symbolizes the recognition of our divine nature, reflecting the potential for spiritual enlightenment inherent in all beings.

Sophia, often referred to as the divine feminine wisdom, represents the embodiment of wisdom and sacred feminine energy. In various spiritual traditions, Sophia is revered as the divine feminine principle that complements and balances the masculine. Sophia consciousness involves a deep connection to intuition, compassion, and the nurturing qualities inherent in the feminine archetype. It beckons individuals to explore the inner realms of wisdom and embrace the sacred feminine aspects within themselves.

Within the enchanting dance of Seraphim consciousness, Christ and Sophia energies converge in a harmonious union. This sacred merger transcends gendered constructs, offering a balanced reflection of both feminine and masculine energies.

The seraphim, embodying the essence of this unified consciousness, becomes a living testament to the graceful integration of Christ and Sophia principles within each soul.

At the core of this transformational phase, the Seraphim’s ascent mirrors the blooming rose — a symbol laden with thorns and bathed in anointing blood. Here, the thorns may be referred to human life’s challenges serving as the fertile soil for grounding higher wisdom; and the blood may be considered as a sacred ink inscribing the wisdom gleaned from the wounds of experience, as well as circulating the life force in our veins.

In the mystical journey of the Seraphim, the rising phase unfolds like the blossoming of a white rose, symbolizing the ascent toward spiritual heights and the purity of Christ and Sophia consciousness. This ascent is intimately entwined with the burning phase, where the white rose undergoes a transformative alchemy, consumed by the red flames that symbolize the intense purification of the soul. As the white rose turns into ashes, there is a profound release and dissolution of the old self — a symbolic surrender to the alchemical process.

From these ashes emerges the pink rose, a beautiful testament to rebirth and renewal, reflecting the harmonious integration of transformed earthly roots with divine love. In this divine dance, the Seraphim reveals the sweetest innocence and the celebration of love in its purest form, embodying the essence of Christ and Sophia consciousness in a radiant symphony of spiritual evolution.

The hues of red and white emerge as portals to profound realms-the red, a manifestation of our earthly connection through the root chakra and earth, grounding us in the material world, and the white, an ethereal tapestry linked to the crown chakra, inviting divine love to illuminate our path. When these colors gracefully blend, a wondrous alchemy transpires-a harmonious union of both celestial and earthly roots, symbolizing the mystery of sweetest innocence in the form of love as symbolized with the colour pink.

I honour the divine love within you. ❤️‍🔥


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